Christafania Lasagna (dingdonghello) wrote in burningman_camp,
Christafania Lasagna


hey there

my name's christopher and I have been learning about Burning Man for quite some time and I think this may be the year I go to check it out.

I live in Toronto, Canada and I'm hoping to connect with LJ/burners from around here to maybe get up and go this summer 2006.

I'm reading up as much as I can and I'm trying to think of some ways I can participate in the community.

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howdy christopher!

are ya thinking of flying down or driving? i drove from winnipeg last year and i have to say.... yeesh. it was worth it but 32 hour sure is a long time in a car that's so jammed full of tents/lights/duct tape demon wings/ect it's almost dragging on the ground...!

think its gonna be a plane ride for me this year...

i think i am going to fly also.. it just seems a bit easier. i wish i could rent a car once i got there.. but sadly all i can do in america is drink *sigh*.. I need to hook into a group with either a car or some renting power