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Burning Man Mini-Community's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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Looking for a ride to Burning Man [26 Aug 2004|09:25am]
howdy. i might be looking for a ride from the bay area to the burn. i posted a listing on the burningman.com site but thought i'd cross-post on this site as well.

i'm flying into the bay on friday the 27th and spending the weekend on protrero hill in san francisco.

if anyone has room for a rider to black rock city, i have gas money and a good attitude. i'll be travelling light, just a backpack and tent, plus whatever food i score at trader joes and the usual two gallons per day of water that i could pick up in fernley or empire or wherever....

this will be my 6th burn. i have friends to meet up with and camp with, but, of course, i'm always open to meeting new friends.

drop me an email via merlinswheel at hotmail dot com or call my cell # -- 845-616-6620 -- if you have room for a rider.

also, i don't have a bike, but if that bike shop in gerlach is selling bikes this year, i'd love to stop and pick one up.
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