"Cмотри 5-ю премьерную серию проекта "Green Прорыв", рассказывающую о невероятном арт-фестивале

"Cмотри 5-ю премьерную серию проекта "Green Прорыв", рассказывающую о невероятном арт-фестивале - Burning Man 2010! Продолжение каждое ВС в 22:30 на телеканале ПЕРВЫЙ АЛЬТЕРНАТИВНЫЙ!".


August 1st Hafla

In conjunction with Pennypack Coven, and the Pagan Arts Initiative - Ak'Ana welcomes you to a Backyard Hafla!

Saturday, August 1st from 5pm - ???

7:30 - Performances by: Ak'Ana, Devi'Ance, The Mahendi Mamas and more!
Drum Circle
And, how could we forget the BONFIRE!!!!



Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес: kjk123@inbox.ru

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Just thinking ahead for next Burning Man....I remember a lot of people rented RVs/camper from something"USA"something. Can't remember the name. Does anyone remember the name? Anyway just looking for something to drive and sleep in but I only have a regular liscense. Suggestions? (...I did the tent thing and lets just say it sucked!)

Cameraman Needed 08/31 - 09/03


I am looking to hire a professional videographer who has his own camera (3CCD is a must) to film at this year's BM festival.
The footage will be used in the program about Burning Man which will air on TV - Kultura channel in Russia.
If interested please contact me ASAP at nsharapova@hotmail.com



Ticket for Sale

Greetings fellow Burner folks! I have a little problem I was hoping you could help me with. I bought a ticket to Burning Man a few months ago and have been incredibly excited about going. This would have been my first time attending and I have been told that it is an amazing experience. At the time, however, I thought I would be pooling funds with a few friends for the long trip there from Massachusetts. Unfortunately, these dreams fell short and I was quickly left with a $250 ticket and no way to get there. I have been hoping against the odds that something would come through for me but as it stands, I do not have the four hundred plus dollars to get me air fare to the festival.

If there is anyone out there still looking to purchase a ticket, please consider adopting the poor, lonely ticket I currently have. It needs a good home and I sadly can not provide one any longer. If you are in any way interested, please let me know. I would love to exchange information and find some way to make the trade work. We could make the exchange by means of PayPal or some other such way and if you live in the Boston Massachusetts area we could even arrange a time to meet and discuss it. Please, if you can help me I would really, really appreciate it. I had been looking forward very much to going to Burning Man and I hope that my ticket can at least get someone else there. Let me know if you are interested and maybe we can figure something out. Thank you so much.


Any new Burners????

Hey just wanted to invite people who are going to Burning Man for the first time to join my new group....you can still join even if you have already attended. I just thought I would try to get a place together where people could talk about their preparations, concerns, questions and whatever together.

The livejournal groups name=
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Question- This is our first burn, and we're wondering what the playa dust damage can do to the inner workings of a car, van or rental. Should we worry about the works getting so gummed that a rental shop would charge us for a new car? Any hints on keeping the dust out or getting it out after? I'm not worried about the inside, I don't mind having it detailed - but does a detailing cover the working bits too? Thanks!

Biggest Baddest and Most Elegant Fire Equipment

Attention Fire Performers and Belly Dancers!

Desiderata has just release 5 more deluxe fire fan sets for sale on Ebay. If you are interested in adding some elegant flair to your fire or dance routine, or are looking for a great way to get started fire dancing, check out our lastest designs. We have three huge 5 prong sets availible and two 3 prongs sets. This is the last of our winter collection and we are celebrating by offering free shipping on all auctions!

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Check out the auctions here --> http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZhaycox_enterprisesQQhtZ-1

Thank you!