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♥where are you from?
jacksonville, fl

♥how old are you?

♥have you been to burning man before?
not yet

♥are you going this year?
unfortunately i have a lot going on this year and i've only just discovered burning man recently. so i'll have to wait for burning man 05.

♥are you bringing friends?
i'm definate that i will.

♥how many?
probably 1-3 people.

♥how are you getting to the burn?
i would like to fly.

♥what themes interest you?
beyond belief, imagination, magic, other worlds

♥what sort of ideas do you have for those themes?
alice in wonderland, topsy-turvy, tea cups, mad tea partis, m.c. escher inspired stair cases, abstract tunnels, optical illusions, smoke and mirrors... i am very good at color, balance and composition. i'm also very skilled at costume designing and i'm learning to actually sew right now from my mother who is an experienced seamstress. other ideas include a mark rhyden-esque carousel. artcars... i wish i had the craftsmanship to assemble these.
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